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Clandestine Drug Lab Testing, Decontamination and Training

Meth Lab Cleanup Company is a certified clandestine drug lab testing and remediation company that provides clients with sound, practical, cost-effective solutions to their assessment and decontamination needs.  Our specialists are experienced in both meth lab and fentanyl lab cleanup.

The level of excellence our Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi technicians achieve is not determined by outperforming the competition. Simply put, Meth Lab Cleanup specialists are always providing their best.  

The clandestine drug lab specialists at Meth Lab Cleanup Company hold themselves accountable to performing better today than they did yesterday and the results show.

Preliminary Site Assessments include site descriptions, maps, onsite interior and exterior testing (if applicable); law enforcement records review (if available) and comprehensive documentation. Photo documentation includes sampling sites, production and/or use evidence and property condition photos. Laboratory analysis: pre and post remediation sampling analyzed by an independent, accredited laboratory.  Quality control: quality assurance controls are performed in the field and at the laboratory.

Clandestine Drug Lab Decontamination includes  removal and disposal of household hazardous material, furniture, carpeting and fixtures and other miscellaneous debris.  This is followed by site preparation. Decontamination begins with high efficiency vacuum, surface treatment with environmentally friendly detergents and complete residue removal. Post sampling is performed to standards set by regulated states (surrounding states if not yet regulated).  Clearance reporting includes full documentation of the remediation and post sampling process.

Documentation is often the most important part of the preassessment and decontamination process. Meth Lab Cleanup reports are more than just data.  Once on-site assessments, law enforcement checks and regulatory reviews are complete, the information is thoroughly analyzed.  Meth Lab Cleanup field operation personnel interpret the data and convey the meaning to the customer.  All reports are reviewed and signed by a Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist.

The professionals of Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi  Meth Lab Cleanup have the overall experience to recognize what can and cannot be remediated.  We utilize our knowledge, experience and integrity to provide reliable, straightforward, cost-effective decontamination services.  Customers find our approach to clan lab testing and remediation to be refreshingly simple and effective.  

Meth Lab Cleanup Company also provides both classroom and online Clandestine Drug Lab Testing and Decontamination Training.  Visit our corporate website for more information.

Decon in Florida.  All Southeast specialists are clan lab certified and have a decade of experience.

Decon in Florida. All Southeast specialists are clan lab certified and have a decade of experience.